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The Westfield Fire Department F.M.B.A. Local #30, with the help of 

the people of Westfield, have been collecting aluminum cans for the

St. Barnabas Burn Foundation for 20 years now. St. Barnabas 

Burn Center operates the only certified burn treatment center in

New Jersey. A 12 bed intensive care center unit that treats

approximately 300 patients each year. Twenty five (25%) percent of

the patients are under the age of eighteen, and fifteen (15%) percent are

under the age two.

The Westfield Fire Department or the F.M.B.A. does not profit from 

the collections of aluminum cans as all of the monies collected go 

directly to st. Barnabas Burn Foundation. The monies from the 

collection are used for burn prevention education as well as patient

parent boarding, and nursing training in burn care. Since the 

programs inception in 1986 the total amount collected just from

aluminum cans through out the state of New Jersey 

exceeds one million dollars.

The collection of Aluminum Beverage Cans can be dropped 

off any time, day or night behind the firehouse on North Avenue.

No other labor is required, as firefighters will load the cans into the trailer.

We ask only for your help dropping the cans off at the firehouse. In the 

past we have been able to send anywhere from $2,500-$3,500 to the

center. We would like to ask for your continued support. 

In New Jersey approximately 1.9 billion cans are bought each year. 

If only one fifth of these cans were recycled, more than $3 million

would  be raised to help the burn children.

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