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Westfield FMBA Local 30 is a nonprofit organization focused on giving back to the community in which it serves. Currently it holds 35 members, which allows it to be diverse and supportive to the town of Westfield. Fundraisers and events are held throughout the year to help on behalf of Local 30, in order to benefit local organizations and families when in need. Your donation and involvement in our events help to create a positive atmosphere for members, citizens, and supporters throughout the region. We thank you for your continued support!

Position                                                                                                                        Name

President                                                                                                   Gerry Peyton 

Vice President                                                                                Kevin McCormack

Secretary                                                                                                      Rich Allocco 

Treasurer                                                                                                 Aldo Tammaro

Executive State Delegate                                                                        John Gura

Alternate Executive State Delegate                                        Dan Genovese

Sergeant At Arms                                                                                   Brian Piccola



Chief Michael Duelks  

B/C Robert Sawicki


Fire Headquarters

405 North Ave W.

(908) 789-4130

Fire Prevention Bureau


B/C Brian Piccola


Capt. Karl Kelber

Secretary Miss. Tina Kaufmann

Fire House #2

1029 Central Ave.

(908) 789-4145



Ladder 1


2013 PEIRCE Arrow XT

1750 GPM Quint

Engine 2


2001 E-ONE Cyclone 2

2000 GPM pumper 

Engine 3


2000 E-ONE Cyclone 2

2000 GPM pumper 

Engine 4


2016 PEIRCE Enforcer

1750 GPM pumper

Engine 5.jpg

Engine 5


1995 E-ONE Cyclone 2

1500 GPM pumper

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